Philippines international aviation market

28 May 2018

The Philippines international market has more than doubled over the last decade, from only 11.5 million passengers in 2007 to 24.4 million passengers in 2017. Scheduled international passenger traffic to and from the Philippines grew by 12% in 2017, marking the third consecutive year of double digit growth.

International passenger traffic grew by 11% in 2015 and 10% in 2016. The slightly faster 12% rate achieved in 2017 marked the fastest rate of growth since 2010, when the market also grew by 12%.

A surging economy and the Philippines emergence as a popular tourist destination have driven rapid growth over the last three years. Visitor numbers to the Philippines have increased by 11% for three consecutive years.

• International passenger traffic in the Philippines grew by 12% in 2017 and has grown by 36% over the past three years.
• Visitor numbers to the Philippines increased by 11% in 2017 and have grown by 37% over the past three years.
• Overseas visitors account for slightly more than half of the international passenger traffic.
• The number of Filipinos travelling overseas has also grown rapidly as the economy has expanded.
• Philippine Airlines has been able to maintain a 28% share of a fast growing international market, while Cebu Pacific has maintained a 20% share in the past three years.

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